How To Establish Corporate Branding at Trade Shows

Corporate branding can make a great deal of difference from one company to another. Corporate branding separates you from your competitors. There are many ways to do this, however some of the most common ways are as follows. A company should use the same logo and tag line throughout their marketing plan. This means on Brochures, business card and trade show booth. Your company logo and tag should be consistent in color and style

Using pictures or image that relates to what your company do can make branding much easier. Pictures sticks in one in much longer and faster than words. We respond to pictures quicker than a word, that’s why we use symbols on the freeway to give directions. One company that stands out at this is Marlboro They use a picture of a cowboy on a horse, anytime you see this image you think of Marlboro. This kind of branding is done by contantly repeating the same image time and time againSales force at trade shows should wear similar outfits. They should have name tags with the company logo on them. If one of your sales forces is not in the trade show booth he or she serves as a working billboard for you. Many times in communication with existing client ask them what they think of your product, ask them if you can quote them on their answer. Use this on your website or in your brochures.

Give away brochures at your trade show display booth, and have enough to last thought-out the show. Renewing the look on your brochure from year to year is important. Do not wait to use up your inventory of old brochure to change the look. It’s important to look fresh and new at each and every event. Remember to keep the same tag line as well as logo. Visitor likes to get new material each and every time they visit you. The same should be done for your website

Sticking to what you do and do best help brand your company. McDonald’s serves fast foods, when you think of McDonalds you think of Hamburger not hotdogs. Stick to what you know best and create your brand around that.

Sticking a good tag line is very important in branding. Nike came up with the term “Just Do It” Burger King “you can have it your way” These mean different things and it gives a good insight about your company. You want to say something about your company, something unique that’s separates you from your competition. Be creative with this.

Most client come to us for their trade show booth wanting something unique and different from their competition. We ultimately allow then to talk about their company, one of the main things we try to get out of them what makes you different from your competitors. The answer they give will give us a direction to begin their booth design We then use this answer to begin our design process. Branding starts within your special services and the character of you company, then it spreads.

For more on trade show displays and branding for your company contact ELDS, INC at (626) 969-3399

Using the Correct Union In Chicago’s McCormick Place

McCormick Place one of the nation’s largest convention center at approximately 2.2 million square foot of exhibit and convention space. Originally built in 1960 inside the lake shore Drive establishment and later in 1967 was destroyed in a fire. The convention center was rebuilt in 1971. Today there are several additions to the original structure.

McCormick place convention center today consist of 3 separate building structure on Lakeside center. The complex consist of the North, South and West building. There are numerous conventions and trade shows that are held in this convention hall, from the Chicago auto show, THE AUA, The WindPower, mid-winter dental show and Many other Trade shows.

Exhibiting at these trade shows can be confusing. In order to help you understand this , I show you wish union does what. There are six unions that you may have to deal with, knowing each one can be helpful in doing so.

The Teamsters, this union assist you in all your material handling to and from your booth location from the dock. They will remove your empty crates or pallets form the show floor. There fees are all calculated by CWT weight, which in know as drayage. Please note that you are allowed to carry smaller exhibit booths or properties through the convention hall doors only if they can be carried by one person without any wheeled carts or dollies.

Riggers, they are accountable for un-skidding position and leveling all your machines etc at the conventions. They will also be responsible for re-skidding these same items

Carpenters, their responsibility lie with the uncrating of your trade show display booth, and material. They will install your trade show booth, lay carpet, and prepare your crates for pick up. Exhibitor may install any exhibit under 300 square feet , with one man. That will take under 30 minutes. Otherwise you will have to use this union labor. You may however use a special exhibitors appointed contractor, which can be your exhibit house or appointed by.

Decorators, they are responsible for all hanging signs that are non-electrical, fabric panels, drapes and fabric installation.

Electricians, they are responsible for assembly, installation and dismantle of anything that uses electricity as a source of power. This includes electrical wiring, hook-ups, interconnections, Large monitors that is attached to trade show display structure, The Exhibitor may choose to install smaller monitors, change lightbulbs that do not require ladders etc

Plumbers, they are responsible for all compressed air, plumbing work, water and drains and natural

These unions are there to help you however be careful for not knowing can sometimes cost you a great deal. It is sometimes better to have your exhibit house assit you through the exhibiting process. They can sometime provide an all ,inclusive trade show exhibit rental package, which can include rental exhibit booth, and all the is installation. For better assistance of exhibiting the Chicago area as well as nationwide look to contact a exhibit fabricator that specialize in rental trade show booth . Contact ELDS, INC at (626) 969-3399, who well known for their trade show display and show services

Prepare yourself for Success at Your Next Trade Show

Selecting the proper trade show can be a challenge. The best way to make sure you choose the right trade show is to speak with colleagues who have attended the show before. Another way is to attend one of the earlier shows you are thinking of attending. Review it for yourself.

You will always get a great deal of promotional material from the show management. Usually there is a discount to sign up for display spaces early. Take advantage of this.  Try to have your booth space selected in a high traffic area, especially near larger booth in your industry

After you have determined your booth location, sometime later you will receive your booth service kit. This will have information about ordering material, labor and many other services. Most services like electrical and items dealing direct with the conference will be in this kit. Most of this can be very overwhelming for someone that is not use to doing this. Most exhibit companies can assist your with this part.

Custom trade show displays are always a good choice when exhibiting, it however can be costly. A great alternative is a custom rental trade show booth. This enables you to get a great looking trade show booth for a fraction of what it would normally cost. A great company to look toward for this is ELDS, INC.

Budget, Budget budget, I cannot stress this enough. Consider all expenses transportation, room and board, exhibit booth, transportation and last your trade show booth. Make sure your budget is realistic

Get your press release kit in order. Make sure it is distributed thought-out the press conference. This is great preshow advertisement, do as many interviews as possible. This can make such a difference in show traffic you would not believe. Press releases and blogging are a great way to your product and services in the show attendee’s ears.

Always arrange to have a great giveaway. These giveaways help the attendee remember your company. Make sure that your company name is printed somewhere on the giveaway.  Do not give away random or generic product give away. If you supply computer service a mouse pad would be great with your name company name on it.  I do have some of my clients giveaways from 5 years ago still hanging around. They keep your company name in the public eye.

Staff your booth with your best employees that are friendly and energetic.  They should be knowledgeable about your product and services. They should also be approachable

Display Professionals Offer A Variety Of Trade Show Exhibits To Chicago Businesses

A trade show is an excellent venue for companies to attract and target consumers with an interest in a particular industry. However, with the hundreds, and sometime thousands, of exhibitors at a Chicago trade show, displays must get the attention of potential clients in only a few seconds.

Exhibitors, therefore, need to create an attractive, visually-pleasing booth that will generate a buzz at the show, reinforce a company’s brand, and ultimately generate sales leads. Designers of trade show exhibits in Chicago provide a variety of formats and services to help companies attract prospective clients with a visually-pleasing trade show booth. Here’s an overview of four types of trade show displays.

Pop-Up Displays

Create an eye-catching backdrop for your trade show booth with a pop-up display. This type of display consists of a folding frame structure that is covered with graphic panels when opened or “popped-up.” It usually fits the full width of your display area, allowing ample space for images and information.

Its large size also gives off an impressive visual impact to passing visitors, and the lightweight expandable frame structure allows for easy transport and set-up. Designers of trade show exhibits in Chicago offer this format of booths in a variety of shapes and sizes. However, once designed, the exhibitor has little flexibility with the size of the display, as the frame must be fully open at all times.

Panel System Exhibits

The series of panels in this type of display can also be set-up to make a wall at the back of trade show exhibits. Chicago companies can easily add to or update this type of booth because of its modular structure. Its unique construction also provides versatility to fit into a variety of spaces, no matter the size. However, this quality also inhibits just one person from setting the display up and the ease of transporting the display.

Table-Top Displays

A table-top display is designed and manufactured to sit on top of a draped table and can be enhanced with the addition of overhanging spotlights. Table-top displays accommodate small space trade show exhibits. Chicago businesses will also benefit from the value and versatility of a table-top display, which can be used at a variety of other functions, such as sales presentations and recruiting opportunities. Keep in mind that the small size of a table-top display limits its ability to stand out in a large scale Chicago trade show. Displays of this size, however, are lightweight and easy to transport.

Banner Stands

A free-standing, vertical banner display is the perfect accessory for attention-getting trade show exhibits. Chicago companies use banner stands at a show to maximize visual impact and to display supplemental information or graphics. If permitted, the banner display should be placed in the aisle or the lobby of the convention center to attract visitors to your booth. A banner display also provides versatility to be placed in the company lobby or at other special events, after the trade show. Exhibitors will have no problems with transportation and set up of a banner display because of its lightweight quality. A banner display can often have a custom shape, designed specifically to emulate your product’s look or company’s logo.

Christine O’Kelly is an author for Ion Exhibits, a designer of trade show exhibits in Chicago. For more than 15 years, Ion Exhibits has provided a comprehensive array of services for Chicago trade show displays design, management, installation, repair, and storage.

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Exhibiting At Your First Trade Show

Having been in the trade show industry for over 20 years as a designer,
manufacturer and collaborator with exhibitors and show management has been
very enlightening. What always seem to get my attention are the new trade
show attendees who come to the show with great expectations only to find that
at the end of the show they have made neither leads nor sales. I am here to
tell you that you have either exhibited at the wrong show or most likely you
went to the show totally unprepared. In this article we will offer some
pointers to the unprepared exhibitor. Here are a few suggestions:Â Goal:
First thing and one thing only, ˜sales and leads” Sure you want product
branding, but ultimately sales and leads ought to be the exhibitor’s primary

For the new exhibitor’s first trade show I would suggest taking this approach.

Secure your booth location preferably a location near the front of the main
entry to the exhibit hall, It’s also always good to get located near one of
the larger veterans of that particular trade show. This will help to get you
in the traffic spot light. Many people feel that getting on the front line of
the exhibit hall is the best location, but that’s not necessarily so,
sometimes people move through the exhibit hall pass the front line before
they truly begin to focus on what they want. Therefore, a location near the
front, but not right in the immediate front line.
The exhibitor’s booth should be a ˜crowd pleaser” while still projecting the
company’s image – a good way to get traffic to your booth.Secondly, offer a
good product give-a-way or a prize. Please make sure that this prize is a
good one, if you specialize in tire changing equipment do not give away iPods,

or plasma screens. Everyone in the convention hall would love to get a
plasma screen or an IPod. They will sign up for this, even if they are not
interested in your product. This is a waste of time. Smart move is to have a
drawing for a top of the line tire changing equipment or some service you
provided. This will ensure that whoever signs up for this has some knowledge
of systems and would prefer part of your service. They most likely are
interested and need a tire changing machine and are willing to spend that
kind of money on one. The list of sign-ups for the give-a-way/prize you have
a list of leads, remember you what you are there for hint leads which can
eventually turn into sales. How easy would that be to follow up a lead from
your list of people who signed up for your drawing to win a tire changing
equipment? Let’s call this a targeted lead, why? you know what they are
interested in – mufflers

Second thing, at your first trade show always have a theme for your trade
show booth. I have seen exhibitor at trade show with great looking custom
trade show booth
, crowds form around the booth and say wow what a nice
looking booth, but five minutes later after leaving the booth they do not
remember the exhibitors name or his or her product, but they remember the
theme the booth had. Use this to your advantage design your booth with a
theme that relates to your product. Incorporate your product name as well as
your corporate name, now you are cooking with grease. I remember a few years
ago I met a childhood idol, Jerry Lucas, yes the same Jerry Lucas who played
for the world champion New York Knicks in basketball. When I met Jerry Lucas
he was promoting a way to remember names of people he met. Well I am here to
tell you it works, he simply would pick out some unique feature about that
person, it could be the voice, the person’s height or some unique feature, he
would then make a mental tie to the person’s name. This way he would remember
a unique feature and the name would follow. The same principle works with
trade show booth, remember the design and theme and then you will remember
the corporate name. That same theme should not only be reflected in the exhibit booth design but it should also be carried through onto your literature and give-away. That’s your “corporate branding”  for more


Exhibiting In Bad Economic Times

Exhibiting at trade shows in these bad economic times is a major issue for the trade show industry. Many exhibitors are deciding not to attend various trade shows and are cutting back on the size of their booth.   Some seasoned exhibitors are now visiting the shows only as show attendees and not as trade show exhibitors. Why? The costs that accompany these events.  Other innovative exhibitors rent suites and invite their clients to their suites to demo new products etc.  In attempting  to  address these issues I would say that despite innovative measures to be a part of the tradeshow marketing process in these economic times, pulling out of the show is not the answer 

Here are some of the draw backs in not attending the shows that an exhibitor  normally attends:  a) exhibitor’s seniority is lost – putting you at a disadvantage in placement for the next show when you decide to re-enter that particular show  b) prime locations that were usually allotted to you as an exhibitor is now given to other regular exhibitors, thus only allowing some off-the-beat traffic location to you.  Another ill-advised alternative is to reduce your usual booth and show site.  An example, say, your company usually attend a show using a 20×20 or 20×30 and you now are using a 10×10. Reason? Your company’s image has a tendency to be diminished giving the impression to both clients  and competitors that your business is not doing well. Would you depend on this company be around in the future?

Few pointers: The best thing to do in this case is keep the same size booth and location. Try and reduce your labor cost, your shipping cost and your drayage cost. These are all changes that the consumer as well as competitor will never see nor notice.  The next sensible thing to do is to rent a custom trade show booth as opposed to purchasing one.  Custom means exactly that – your company is still doing well and still has the ability to exhibit your products in a custom booth. There will be no signage on your booth saying “rented”. You are still giving the impression that your company is not affected by the dim economy.  Renting a custom booth will cost you a lot less than purchasing one.  Advantages?  Exhibitor has no head-ache for transportation and refurbishment costs. Clients can now enjoy a full turnkey operation, while knowing  exactly what their cost will be in the end. This way there are no surprises, nothing over the budget unless added by the client.   Custom design rental booths are generally life savers for those exhibitors trying to keep abreast with this economy and still remain regular tradeshow exhibitors under a strict budgetary constraints.

Lately we have seen many larger exhibit companies trashing their custom exhibit booth and resorting to the use of a full turnkey rental trade show booth.  Multi rentals are also an advantage for most clients who attend numerous  show.  Different shows may require different  configurations as well as different sizes and locations. In the past client would have have to invest in two or three different booth, not so anymore, rental booth can be supplied in most major cities  with the same look and all are generated from one source