Prepare yourself for Success at Your Next Trade Show

Selecting the proper trade show can be a challenge. The best way to make sure you choose the right trade show is to speak with colleagues who have attended the show before. Another way is to attend one of the earlier shows you are thinking of attending. Review it for yourself.

You will always get a great deal of promotional material from the show management. Usually there is a discount to sign up for display spaces early. Take advantage of this.  Try to have your booth space selected in a high traffic area, especially near larger booth in your industry

After you have determined your booth location, sometime later you will receive your booth service kit. This will have information about ordering material, labor and many other services. Most services like electrical and items dealing direct with the conference will be in this kit. Most of this can be very overwhelming for someone that is not use to doing this. Most exhibit companies can assist your with this part.

Custom trade show displays are always a good choice when exhibiting, it however can be costly. A great alternative is a custom rental trade show booth. This enables you to get a great looking trade show booth for a fraction of what it would normally cost. A great company to look toward for this is ELDS, INC.

Budget, Budget budget, I cannot stress this enough. Consider all expenses transportation, room and board, exhibit booth, transportation and last your trade show booth. Make sure your budget is realistic

Get your press release kit in order. Make sure it is distributed thought-out the press conference. This is great preshow advertisement, do as many interviews as possible. This can make such a difference in show traffic you would not believe. Press releases and blogging are a great way to your product and services in the show attendee’s ears.

Always arrange to have a great giveaway. These giveaways help the attendee remember your company. Make sure that your company name is printed somewhere on the giveaway.  Do not give away random or generic product give away. If you supply computer service a mouse pad would be great with your name company name on it.  I do have some of my clients giveaways from 5 years ago still hanging around. They keep your company name in the public eye.

Staff your booth with your best employees that are friendly and energetic.  They should be knowledgeable about your product and services. They should also be approachable