Display Professionals Offer A Variety Of Trade Show Exhibits To Chicago Businesses

A trade show is an excellent venue for companies to attract and target consumers with an interest in a particular industry. However, with the hundreds, and sometime thousands, of exhibitors at a Chicago trade show, displays must get the attention of potential clients in only a few seconds.

Exhibitors, therefore, need to create an attractive, visually-pleasing booth that will generate a buzz at the show, reinforce a company’s brand, and ultimately generate sales leads. Designers of trade show exhibits in Chicago provide a variety of formats and services to help companies attract prospective clients with a visually-pleasing trade show booth. Here’s an overview of four types of trade show displays.

Pop-Up Displays

Create an eye-catching backdrop for your trade show booth with a pop-up display. This type of display consists of a folding frame structure that is covered with graphic panels when opened or “popped-up.” It usually fits the full width of your display area, allowing ample space for images and information.

Its large size also gives off an impressive visual impact to passing visitors, and the lightweight expandable frame structure allows for easy transport and set-up. Designers of trade show exhibits in Chicago offer this format of booths in a variety of shapes and sizes. However, once designed, the exhibitor has little flexibility with the size of the display, as the frame must be fully open at all times.

Panel System Exhibits

The series of panels in this type of display can also be set-up to make a wall at the back of trade show exhibits. Chicago companies can easily add to or update this type of booth because of its modular structure. Its unique construction also provides versatility to fit into a variety of spaces, no matter the size. However, this quality also inhibits just one person from setting the display up and the ease of transporting the display.

Table-Top Displays

A table-top display is designed and manufactured to sit on top of a draped table and can be enhanced with the addition of overhanging spotlights. Table-top displays accommodate small space trade show exhibits. Chicago businesses will also benefit from the value and versatility of a table-top display, which can be used at a variety of other functions, such as sales presentations and recruiting opportunities. Keep in mind that the small size of a table-top display limits its ability to stand out in a large scale Chicago trade show. Displays of this size, however, are lightweight and easy to transport.

Banner Stands

A free-standing, vertical banner display is the perfect accessory for attention-getting trade show exhibits. Chicago companies use banner stands at a show to maximize visual impact and to display supplemental information or graphics. If permitted, the banner display should be placed in the aisle or the lobby of the convention center to attract visitors to your booth. A banner display also provides versatility to be placed in the company lobby or at other special events, after the trade show. Exhibitors will have no problems with transportation and set up of a banner display because of its lightweight quality. A banner display can often have a custom shape, designed specifically to emulate your product’s look or company’s logo.

Christine O’Kelly is an author for Ion Exhibits, a designer of trade show exhibits in Chicago. For more than 15 years, Ion Exhibits has provided a comprehensive array of services for Chicago trade show displays design, management, installation, repair, and storage.

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